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Why international students should study in the US? Should you study in the US? Why have so many international students chosen to study in the US over another country? Does the US still welcome international student? What are your US study options? The US hosts more international students than any other country in the world, a number fast approaching 600,000. In fact, international students comprise approximately 4% of the total undergraduate US University and US college population, and 10% for US graduate school. These international students from every continent in the world choose to study in the US because they believe that a US education would afford them the best preparation for their future. They leave homes, families and friends in order to pursue their dreams of an education in the US. In fact, International students who study in the US contribute more than $13 billion to the US economy!

US universities, US colleges and US schools constantly rank very high in world rankings, just one of the reasons to study in the US. Schools such as Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, Julliard, Berklee School of Music, West Point, are all world famous and welcome international students. The US offers international students the most exciting, rewarding and comprehensive array of study options in the world. International students who choose to study in the US have almost unlimited study choices. Furthermore, international students who successfully complete their US study are highly sought-after by employers worldwide. While the reasons international students choose to study in the US vary from student to student, there are 9 main advantages of US study, as summed up in the Benefits of US Study section. You can also view a list of some famous international students who have completed their study in the US. Or if you are ready to start searching for schools to begin your study in the US, you may start your US school search here. Welcome, international students!

"I chose to study in the US because I believe US study options are the most varied. The US still welcomes international students and the welcomed me." - Michael Tan, international student.

"I love the US and would not study anywhere else. I think that students who study in the US are more sought after, and that gives me an edge." - Francois Boniface, international student.

The United States calls itself "a nation of immigrants." Immigrants (from Europe) founded this country and have been coming in large numbers (from all over the world) ever since. Therefore you will find that all ethnicities and nationalities are represented, although not to the same extent in every city. The country is vast (over 9 million square kilometers) and populous (over 275 million people). In the US, you can encounter and experience almost any climate, landscape, lifestyle, and culture imaginable. By selecting the right location, you will be able to find a living experience that is perfect for you.

Even though there is so much variety in America, there is still an "American culture" that may be quite different from your own. While much of American culture is exported through television, film, and consumer products, there are some aspects that you do not encounter until you live in the US.

American Education System : Understanding the American education system

Do you find the American education system to be confusing and different from the education system in your own country? Do you want to attend a university in the USA? A USA high school? A USA graduate school? The American education system offers international students the most diverse set of education options in the world. In fact, an international student who elects to take advantage of the American education system can pursue anything from nuclear science to film and dance. American education possibilities are almost endless!

The American education system requires that students complete 12 years of primary and secondary education prior to attending university or college. This may be accomplished either at public (or government-operated) schools, or at private schools. These 12 years of schooling (or their equivalent) may also be completed outside the USA, thus giving foreign students the opportunity to pursue the benefits of the American education system and obtain a quality American education. Perhaps one of the most impressive facts is the large number of presidents, prime ministers and leaders from other countries who have experienced the American education system and graduated from a university or school in the USA. In many fields and industries, the American education system offers the most cutting-edge, sought-after programs at the world's best schools. That is why graduating from an accredited American school and being exposed to the rigors of the American education system is an investment in your future.

Whether you want to study at a top USA university, a top USA college, or at a USA ESL, vocational or high school, a thorough understanding of how the American education system works is essential. Without a clear grasp of the American education system, an international student will find it difficult to make the right academic choices. It is no surprise that the American education system and the American school system hosts more international students than any other country in the world!

The American education system offers students the widest study options in the world!

What some people are saying about the American education system

The American education system offers international students the widest choice of study options.

Just think of all of the products, services, and processes invented in the USA! This innovation is the result of the American education system which allows a student to study so many different fields.

I am so glad I chose to study in the USA and obtain and American education." - Diann Manjulika, Former international student -

"I chose to study in the United States after looking at different countries and different options. I truly believe that the American education system is the very best in the world since it offers so many choices, and the schools are the best in the world. If you want to gain an edge, I would definitely recommend enrolling in a top university, college, or school in the American education system."
Andrew Lim, Former international student -

"While Australia and Europe have excellent education systems, I strongly feel that the American education system still is the best." - Lana Morias, Former international student -
"I am from Hong Kong and I always wanted to enroll in the American education system. I am so glad I finally managed to get an American education. In Hong Kong, it really does help if you graduated from a good school in the USA education system." - Susan Li, International student -
"Coming from Asia, I was shocked by the vast number of study options offered by the American education system."
- Peter Lim -

International Student Scholarships: Grants, loans and scholarships for international students

While the cost of an American education is high and can add up to tens of thousands of US dollars, it is an investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Since you will be required to prove you have the necessary financial resources in order to obtain an international student visa, it is very important to first calculate how much your total USA education will cost. The information in the Calculating costs section will help you. Please note that, in general, it is not easy to obtain an international student scholarship or international student loan since competition amongst applicants is fierce. There are literally thousands of students who apply for scholarships for international students and international student loans.

Once you have determined how much international student financing you will need, you must next determine how you will obtain that student financing.

International Student Admissions: Admissions Info for International Students

Admission at US colleges and US universities can be very competitive for international students. US vocational, ESL and high school admissions are generally less competitive, but there are exceptions. Much depends on the school in question and the qualifications of the international student. In order to be accepted at a TOP US school, you must have attained good grades, completed challenging coursework, obtained sufficient financing, and developed a strong command of the English language.

Less competitive schools have less stringent admissions for international students. Each US school sets its own international student admissions requirements. Different US schools will have different minimum requirements for grades as well as for standardized tests (such as the TOEFL and the SAT). Even within the same school, there may be different requirements pertaining to admissions for international students, depending on the major (or course of study) selected. For example, international students who want to major in engineering at a top USA university will be required to have completed more courses in math and science than students who want to major in business. Typically, the higher your grades and test scores, the better your chances of being accepted by at least one top school.

Above all, successful admissions for international students to a top US school requires preparation. The admissions process is a long one, and should ideally begin at least 18 months before your expected arrival in the US. Organization and planning are very important because timely completion of all the necessary steps is key.

U.S. Immigration F1 Visas for International Students

International student visas are issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Department (INS), under the State Department of the United States. An international student visa grants the student permission to enter the USA legally. In order to obtain an international student visa to enter the US, the applicant must meet the following basic requirements:

  • The international student visa applicant must be in good health. People who have tested positive for HIV are not allowed to enter the US and will not be issued an international student visa.
  • The International student visa applicants must promise to obey all US laws, or risk deportation.
  • The International student visa applicants must be able to support himself financially during the course of US study.
  • International student visa applicants must agree to leave the USA after the course of US study is complete. It is important to remember that applying early and providing the requested documents does not guarantee that the international student will receive an international student visa. Also, because each international student's immigration situation is unique, two students from the same country, applying for the same international student visa may be asked different questions and for different documents.
    In addition, international students should be aware that obtaining an international student visa does not automatically guarantee entry into the United States. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) officer at the port of entry into the US has the authority to deny admission even if an international student visa has been granted. Follow all immigration rules and guidelines closely. Obtaining your international student visa is a crucial step towards a successful US education.

Online College Degrees and College Courses Online

Top Online Colleges for an Associate Degree Online
Computer Sciences
DeVry University
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University of Phoenix DeVry University
Top Online Colleges for a Bachelor Degree Online
Business and Management
University of Phoenix
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
-- Online Division
DeVry University
Grand Canyon University
Computer Sciences
University of Phoenix
DeVry University
Fine and Applied Arts
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
-- Online Division
Other Majors
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
-- Online Division
DeVry University
Grand Canyon University
Top Online Colleges for a Masters Degree Online
Business and Management
University of Phoenix
DeVry University
University of Liverpool
Grand Canyon University
Fine and Applied Arts
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
-- Online Division
Other Majors
Grand Canyon University
University of Phoenix
Top Online Colleges for an Online Certificate or Online Diploma
Business and Management
DeVry University
Fine and Applied Arts
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
-- Online Division
Computer Sciences
DeVry University

Should you get an online college degree? Are you considering online college courses or earning an accredited online college degree? How recognized are online college degrees and courses from online colleges? These online colleges specialize in offering college courses online. You do not have to leave home or neighborhood while earning your online degree from these online colleges. There is no easier way to obtain a top-notch online college education. Click on as many of the online colleges as you want and fill-up the form to learn more about getting your online degree. Your online education begins here!

Advantages of Online Colleges, Online College Degrees, and Online College Courses

  • A significant advantage is that online colleges allow you to get your education online and earn your college degree online at your own pace.
  • Many online colleges offer top-notch education online and college degrees online that are recognized the world over.
  • The choice of online degree courses and online education courses offered by online colleges is extremely broad. You can get an online college degree in hundreds of majors offered.
  • You can stay employed while earning an online degree from an online college.
  • You can earn a recognized online college degree from an accredited online college without having to relocate.
  • Your online college courses are made easier using technology such as e-mail, online texts, online course material, online video, etc.
  • Most online colleges offer the same quality of online college courses and education as a regular campus.
  • Online colleges facilitate efficient communication with professors who are very accessible.
  • You can earn an online college degree at various levels: associate degrees online, bachelor's degrees online, master's degrees online, even a PhD degree online.
  • A major advantage of online college courses and an online college degree is that the cost to attend an online college is extremely competitive and affordable.
  • You can earn your online college degree from an online college in as little as 18 months.
  • Getting your degree online from an online college offers the advantage of never being late or absent from a class ever again.

The US boasts many of the top colleges and universities in the world. That is why there literally are thousand of top colleges and universities located all over the US. The large number of college and university options available is mind-boggling: some of these colleges and universities are large while other colleges and universities are medium or small. Some colleges and universities cost much more than others to attend. Many colleges and universities are religiously affiliated; most colleges and universities are not. There are both private colleges and universities and public colleges and universities. Many US colleges and universities specialize in certain academic areas. Some US colleges and universities only enroll either male or female students while most US colleges and universities are co-ed. As you can see, the sheer number of colleges and universities and the options they offer is astounding. We hope this web site helps you in your colleges and universities search.

Below is our extensive US Colleges and Universities Search List. We constantly update this college and university search list and welcome your input. If you know of US colleges and universities that are not on our US College and University Search List, please e-mail us and let us know. With so many US colleges and universities in the US, and with so many new colleges and universities emerging (and some colleges and universities disappearing!), we constantly strive to maintain the most comprehensive and updated US College and University Search List. The US colleges and universities below will send you free information.

Abilene Christian University Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Academy of Art College Adams State College
Adelphi University Adler School of Professional Psychology
Adrian College Agnes Scott College
Air Force Institute of Technology Air University
Alabama A&M University Alabama State University
Alaska Bible College Alaska Pacific University
Albany College of Pharmacy Albany Medical College
Albany State University Albertson College of Idaho
Albertus Magnus College Albion College
Albright College Alcorn State University
Alderson-Broaddus College Alexandria University
Alfred Adler Institute Alfred State College, State University of New York College of Technology
Alfred University Alice Lloyd College
Allegheny College Allen College
Allen University Allentown College
Alliant International University Alma College
Alvernia College Alverno College
Amberton University American Bible College and Seminary
American Coastline University American College
American Global University American Graduate School of International Management
American Indian College of the Assemblies of God American Institute for Computer Sciences
American InterContinental University American International College
American Military University American Public University
American Schools of Professional Psychology American University
American University of Hawaii American University of Puerto Rico
Amherst College Anderson College
Anderson University Andrew Jackson University
Andrews University Angelo State University
Anna Maria College Antillean Adventist University
Antioch College Antioch New England
Antioch New England Graduate School Antioch University Los Angeles
Antioch University Santa Barbara Antioch University Seattle
Antioch University Yellow Springs Apache University
Appalachian School of Law Appalachian State University
Aquinas College (MI) Aquinas College (TN)
Arcadia University Argosy University
Arizona International College Arizona State University
Arizona State University East Arizona State University West
Arkansas Baptist College Arkansas State University, Jonesboro
Arkansas Tech University Armstrong State University
Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Art Academy of Cincinnati
Art Center College of Design Art Institute of Atlanta
Art Institute of Dallas Art Institute of Houston
Art Institute of Portland Art Institute of Seattle
Asbury College Asbury Theological Seminary
Ashland University Assumption College
Athena University Athens State College
Athens State University Atlanta Christian College
Atlanta College of Art Atlantic Union College
Auburn University Auburn University, Montgomery
Augsburg College Augusta State University
Augustana College (IL) Augustana College (SD)
Aurora University Austin College
Austin Graduate School of Theology Austin Peay State University
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Averett College
Avila College Azusa Pacific University
Babson College Bacone College
Baker College Baker University
Baldwin-Wallace College Ball State University
Baltimore Hebrew University Baltimore International College
Bank Street College of Education Baptist Bible College (MO)
Baptist Bible College (PA) Baptist Memorial College of Health Sciences
Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary Barat College
Barber-Scotia College Barclay College
Bard College Barnard College
Barrington University Barry University
Barton College Baruch College
Bastyr University Bates College
Bauder College Bay Path College
Baylor College of Dentistry Baylor College of Medicine
Baylor University Beacon College
Becker College Behrend College, Erie
Belhaven College Bellarmine College
Bellevue University Belmont Abbey College
Belmont University Beloit College
Bemidji State University Benedict College
Benedictine College Benedictine University
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Bennett College
Bennington College Bentley College
Berea College Berkeley College
Berklee College of Music Berry College
Bethany College (CA) Bethany College (KS)
Bethany Lutheran College Bethel College & Seminary (MN)
Bethel College (IN) Bethel College (KS)
Bethel College (TN) Bethesda Christian University
Bethune-Cookman College Bienville University
Biola University Birmingham-Southern College
Black Hills State University Blackburn College
Bloomfield College Bloomsburg University
Blue Mountain College Bluefield College
Bluefield State College Bluffton College
Bob Jones University Boise State University
Boricua College Boston College
Boston Conservatory Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis
Boston University Bowdoin College
Bowie State University Bowling Green State University
Bradford College Bradley University
Brandeis University Brenau University
Brescia University Brevard College
Brewton-Parker College Briar Cliff University
Bridgewater College Bridgewater State College
Brigham Young University Brigham Young University Hawaii
Brigham Young University Idaho Brooklyn College
Brooklyn Law School Brown University
Bryant College Bryn Athyn College of the New Church
Bryn Mawr College Bucknell University
Buena Vista University Burlington College
Butler University  
C. R. Drew University of Medicine and Science Cabrini College
Caldwell College California Baptist University
California Coast University California College for Health Sciences
California College of Arts and Crafts California College of Podiatric Medicine
California College of the Arts California Institute for Human Science
California Institute of Integral Studies California Institute of Technology
California Institute of the Arts California Lutheran University
California Maritime Academy California National University for Advanced Studies
California Pacific University California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona California State University System (CA)
California State University, Bakersfield California State University, Channel Islands
California State University, Chico California State University, Dominguez Hills
California State University, Fresno California State University, Fullerton
California State University, Hayward California State University, Long Beach
California State University, Los Angeles California State University, Monterey
California State University, Northridge California State University, Sacramento
California State University, San Bernardino California State University, San Marcos
California State University, Stanislaus California University of Pennsylvania
Calumet College of St. Joseph Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminary
Calvin College Cambridge College
Cameron University Campbell University
Campbellsville University Canisius College
Canyon College Capella University
Capital University Capitol College
Cardinal Stritch University Caribbean University
Carleton College Carlos Albizu University
Carlow College Carnegie Institution of Washington
Carnegie Mellon University Carroll College (MT)
Carroll College (WI) Carson-Newman College
Carthage College Case Western Reserve University
Castleton State College Catawba College
Cazenovia College Cedar Crest College
Cedarville University Centenary College of Louisiana
Centenary College of New Jersey Center for Creative Studies College of Art and Design
Central Baptist College Central Bible College
Central Christian College Central Christian College of the Bible
Central College Central Connecticut State University
Central Methodist College Central Michigan University
Central Missouri State University Central State University
Central Washington University Centre College
Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe Century University
Chadron State College Chadwick University
Chaminade University Champlain College
Chapman University Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
Charleston Southern University Charter Oak State College
Chatham College Chesapeake College
Chester College of New England Chestnut Hill College
Cheyney University Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Chicago State University Chicago-Kent College of Law
Chipola College Chowan College
Christendom College Christian Bible College and Seminary
Christian Brothers University Christian Theological Seminary
Christopher Newport University Church Divinity School of the Pacific
Church of God Theological Seminary Cincinnati Christian University
Circleville Bible College City College
City Colleges of Chicago City University (WA)
City University of Los Angeles City University of New York
Claflin College Claflin University
Claremont Consortium of Colleges Claremont Graduate University
Claremont McKenna College Clarion University
Clark Atlanta University Clark College
Clark University Clarke College
Clarkson College Clarkson University
Clayton College and State University Clayton College of Natural Health
Clear Creek Baptist Bible College Clearwater Christian College
Cleary College Clemson University
Cleveland Chiropractic College Cleveland Institute of Art
Cleveland Institute of Music Cleveland State University
Clinch Valley College Coastal Carolina University
Coe College Cogswell Polytechnical College
Coker College Colby College
Colby-Sawyer College Coleman College
Colgate University College for Creative Studies
College for Lifelong Learning College Misericordia
College of Aeronautics College of Charleston
College of DuPage College of Eastern Utah
College of Mount Saint Joseph College of Mount St. Vincent
College of New Rochelle College of Notre Dame of Maryland
College of Saint Benedict College of Saint Catherine
College of Saint Elizabeth College of Saint Mary
College of Saint Rose College of Saint Scholastica
College of Saint Thomas More College of Santa Fe
College of St. Joseph College of Staten Island
College of the Atlantic College of the Holy Cross
College of the Ozarks College of the Southwest
College of Visual Arts College of William and Mary
Colorado Christian University Colorado College
Colorado School of Mines Colorado State University
Colorado Technical University Columbia College (IL)
Columbia College (MO) Columbia College (SC)
Columbia College of Missouri Columbia International University
Columbia Southern University Columbia Union College
Columbia University Columbus College of Art & Design
Columbus State University Commonwealth College
Concord College Concord University
Concordia College, Ann Arbor Michigan Concordia College, Austin Texas
Concordia College, Bronxville, New York Concordia College, Moorhead Minnesota
Concordia College, Saint Paul Minnesota Concordia College, Selma Alabama
Concordia College, Seward Nebraska Concordia College-Moorhead (MN)
Concordia College-New York (NY) Concordia Seminary-St. Louis (MO)
Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne (IN) Concordia University, Irvine California
Concordia University, Mequon Wisconsin Concordia University, Portland Oregon
Concordia University, River Forest Illinois Concordia University-Austin (TX)
Concordia University-Nebraska (NE) Concordia University-St. Paul (MN)
Connecticut College Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico
Converse College Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
Coppin State College Corban College
Corcoran College of Art + Design Cornell College, Iowa
Cornell University Cornerstone University
Cornish College of the Arts Cottey College
Covenant College Cranbrook Academy of Art
Creighton University Crichton College
Criswell College Crossroads College
Crown College Culinary Institute of America
Culver-Stockton College Cumberland College
Cumberland University Curry College
Curtis Institute of Music Cypress College
D´Youville College Daemen College
Dakota State University Dakota Wesleyan University
Dallas Baptist University Dallas Christian College
Dallas Theological Seminary Dalton State College
Dana College Daniel Webster College
Dartmouth College Davenport College
David N. Myers University Davidson College
Davis and Elkins College Dawson College
Dean College Deep Springs College
Defense Language Institute Defiance College
Delaware State University Delaware Valley College
Delta College Delta State University
Denison University Denver Seminary
DePaul University DePauw University
Des Moines University-Osteopathic Medical Center DeSales University
DeVry University DeVry University, Columbus
DeVry University-Chicago (IL) DeVry University-Crystal City (VA)
DeVry University-Dallas (TX) DeVry University-DuPage (IL)
DeVry University-Georgia (GA) DeVry University-Kansas City (MO)
DeVry University-Long Beach (CA) DeVry University-Orlando (FL)
DeVry University-Phoenix (AZ) DeVry University-Pomona (CA)
Diablo Valley College Dickinson College
Dickinson School of Law Dickinson State University
Dillard University Divine Word College
Dixie State College Doane College
Dominican College Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology
Dominican University Dominican University of California
Dordt College Dowling College
Drake University Drew University
Drexel University Drury University
Duke University Duquesne University
D'Youville College  
Earlham College East Carolina University
East Central University, Ada Oklahoma East Stroudsburg State University
East Tennessee State University East Texas Baptist University
Eastern College Eastern Connecticut State University
Eastern Illinois University Eastern Kentucky University
Eastern Mennonite University Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Nazarene College Eastern New Mexico University
Eastern Oregon University Eastern Virginia Medical School
Eastern Washington University East-West University
Eckerd College ECPI College of Technology
Edgewood College Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Edward Waters College Elizabeth City State University
Elizabethtown College Elmhurst College
Elmira College Elms College
Elon University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (AZ)
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (FL) Emerson College
Emmanuel College (GA) Emmanuel College (MA)
Emmaus Bible College Emory & Henry College
Emory University Empire State College
Emporia State University Endicott College
Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest Erikson Institute
Erskine College Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico
Eugene Bible College Eureka College
Evangel University Everglades College
Evergreen State College Excelsior College
Fairfield University Fairleigh Dickinson University
Fairmont State College Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary
Faulkner University Fayetteville State University
Felician College Ferris State University
Ferrum College Fielding Graduate Institute
Finch University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School Finlandia University
Fisk University Fitchburg State College
Five Towns College Flagler College
Florida A & M University Florida Atlantic University
Florida Christian College Florida College
Florida Gulf Coast University Florida Institute of Technology
Florida International University Florida Memorial College
Florida Metropolitan University Florida Southern College
Florida State University Fontbonne College
Fordham University Forest Institute of Professional Psychology
Fort Hays State University Fort Lewis College
Fort Valley State University Framingham State College
Francis Marion University Franciscan University of Steubenville
Franklin and Marshall College Franklin College
Franklin Pierce College Franklin Pierce Law Center
Franklin University Freed-Hardeman University
Freewill Baptist Bible College Fresno Pacific University
Friends University Frostburg State University
Fuller Theological Seminary Fullerton College
Furman University  
Gallaudet University Gannon University
Gardner-Webb University Geneva College
George Fox University George Mason University
George Washington University Georgetown College
Georgetown University Georgia College and State University
Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Perimeter College
Georgia Southern University Georgia Southwestern State University
Georgia State University Georgian Court College
Gettysburg College Glenville State College
Globe Institute of Technology Goddard College
Golden Gate University Golden State Baptist College
Goldey-Beacom College Gonzaga University
Gooding Institute of Nurse Anesthesia Gordon College
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Goshen College
Goucher College Governors State University
Grace Bible College Grace College
Grace University Graceland University
Grambling State University Grand Canyon University
Grand View College Grantham University
Great Basin College Green Mountain College
Greenleaf University Greensboro College
Greenville College Greenwich University
Grinnell College Grove City College
Guayama Campus Guilford College
Gustavus Adolphus College, Saint Peter, Minnesota Gwynedd-Mercy College
Hamilton College Hamilton University
Hamline University Hampden-Sydney College
Hampshire College Hampton University
Hannibal-LaGrange College Hanover College
Harding University Hardin-Simmons University
Harris-Stowe State College Hartwick College
Harvard University Harvey Mudd College
Haskell Indian Nations University (KS) Hastings College
Hastings College of the Law Haverford College
Hawaii Pacific University Hebrew College
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion Heidelberg College
Henderson State Univerisity Hendrix College
Henry Cogswell College Heritage College
Hesser College Hesston College
High Point University Hilbert College
Hillsdale College Hillsdale Freewill Baptist College
Hiram College Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Hofstra University Hollins University
Holy Cross College, Notre Dame Indiana Holy Family College
Holy Family University Holy Names University
Hood College Hope College
Hope International University Houghton College
Houston Baptist University Howard Payne University
Howard University Hult International Business School (MA)
Humboldt State University Hunter College
Huntingdon College (AL) Huntington College (IN)
Huron University Husson College
Huston-Tillotson College  
Idaho State University Illinois College
Illinois Institute of Technology Illinois State University
Illinois Wesleyan University Immaculata College
Indiana Institute Technologyy Indiana State University
Indiana University Indiana University - Purdue University, Columbus
Indiana University - Purdue University, Fort Wayne
Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis Indiana University at South Bend
Indiana University Northwest Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana University Southeast Indiana University-Bloomington
Indiana University-East Indiana University-Kokomo
Indiana Wesleyan University Institute for Christian Works
Institute for Transpersonal Psychology Institute of American Indian Arts
Institute of Computer Technology Institute of Paper Science and Technology
Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome Institute of Textile Technology
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Inter American University of Puerto Rico
Interdenominational Theological Center International College
International Fine Arts College International Institute of the Americas
International Reform University Iona College
Iowa State University Iowa Wesleyan College
Ithaca College  
Jackson State University Jacksonville State University
Jacksonville University James Madison University
Jamestown College Jarvis Christian College
Jefferson College of Health Sciences Jewish Theological Seminary
John Brown University John Carroll University
John F. Kennedy University John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Johnson & Wales University (RI) Johnson & Wales University-Charleston (SC)
Johnson Bible College Johnson C. Smith University
Johnson State College Joint Military Intelligence College
Jones College Jones International University
Judson College (AL) Judson College (IL)
Juniata College  
Kalamazoo College Kansas City Art Institute
Kansas Newman College Kansas State University
Kansas Wesleyan University Kean University
Keck Graduate Institute Keene State College
Kendall College (IL) Kendall College of Art & Design
Kennedy-Western University Kennesaw State University
Kent State University Kentucky Christian College
Kentucky Mountain Bible College Kentucky State University
Kentucky Wesleyan College Kenyon College
Kettering University Keuka College
Keystone College King College (TN)
King's College (PA) Knox College
Knox Theological Seminary Knoxville College
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania  
La Roche College La Salle University
La Sierra University Laboratory Institute of Merchandising
Lafayette College LaGrange College
Lake Erie College Lake Forest College
Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Lake Superior State University
Lakeland College Lakeview College of Nursing
Lamar University Lambuth University
Lancaster Bible College Lancaster Theological Seminary
Lander University Landmark College
Lane College Langston University
LaSalle University (PA) Lasell College
Laura & Alvin Siegal College of Judaic Studies Lawrence Technological University
Lawrence University Le Moyne College
Lebanon Valley College Lee College
Lee University Lees-McRae College
Lehigh Univervsity Lehigh Valley
Lehman College LeMoyne-Owen College
Lenoir-Rhyne College Lenox Institute of Water Technology
Lesley College Lesley University
LeTourneau University Lewis & Clark College
Lewis University Lewis-Clark State College
Lexington Theological Seminary Liberty University
Life Pacific College Life University
Limestone College Lincoln Christian College and Seminary
Lincoln College Lincoln Memorial University
Lincoln University (CA) Lincoln University (MO)
Lincoln University (PA) Lindenwood College
Lindsey Wilson College Linfield College
Lipscomb University Livingstone College
Lock Haven University Logan College of Chiropractic
Loma Linda University Long Island University
Longwood College Longwood University
Loras College Louisburg College
Louisiana Baptist Universty Louisiana College
Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge Louisiana State University at Shreveport
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans Louisiana Tech University
Lourdes College Loyola College
Loyola Marymount University Loyola University, Chicago
Loyola University, New Orleans Lubbock Christian University
Luther College Luther Seminary
Lutheran Bible Institute Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg Lycoming College
Lyme Academy of Fine Arts Lynchburg College
Lyndon State College Lynn University
Lyon College  
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Macalester College
MacMurray College Macon State College
Madonna University Magnolia Bible College (MS)
Maharishi University of Management Maine College of Art
Maine Maritime Academy Malone College
Manchester College Manhattan Christian College
Manhattan College Manhattan School of Music (NY)
Manhattanville College Mansfield University
Maranatha Baptist Bible College Marian College
Marian College of Fond du Lac Marietta College
Marine Corps University (VA) Marist College
Maritime College at Ft. Schuyler Marlboro College
Marquette University Mars Hill College
Marshall University Martin Luther College
Martin Methodist College Martin University
Mary Baldwin College Mary Washington College
Marygrove College Maryland Institute, College of Art
Marylhurst University Marymount College (CA)
Marymount College (NY) Marymount Manhattan College
Marymount University Maryville College
Maryville University of Saint Louis Marywood University
Massachuetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Massachusetts College of Art
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Maritime Academy Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
Mayville State University McDaniel College
McKendree College McMurray College
McMurry University McNeese State University
MCP Hahnemann University McPherson College
Medaille College Medger Evers College
Medical College of Georgia Medical College of Ohio
Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University Medical College of Wisconsin
Medical University of South Carolina Meharry Medical College
Memphis College of Art Menlo College
Mercer University Mercy College
Mercy College of Health Sciences Mercyhurst College
Meredith College Merrimack College
Mesa State College Messiah College
Methodist College Methodist Theological School in Ohio
Metropolitan College Metropolitan College of New York
Metropolitan State College of Denver Metropolitan State University
Miami Christian University Miami International University of Art & Design
Miami University of Ohio Michigan State University
Michigan Technological University Mid-America Christian University
Mid-America Nazarene College Mid-America Nazarene University
Mid-Continent College Middle Georgia College
Middle Tennessee State University Middlebury College
Midland Lutheran College Midway College
Midwestern Baptist College Midwestern State University
Midwestern University Miles College
Millersville University Milligan College
Millikin University Mills College
Millsaps College Milwaukee School of Engineering
Minneapolis College of Art and Design Minnesota State University Mankato
Minnesota State University Moorhead Minot State University
Minot State University--Bottineau Mississippi College
Mississippi State University Mississippi University for Women
Mississippi Valley State University Missouri Baptist College
Missouri Southern State College Missouri Southern State University
Missouri State University Missouri Tech
Missouri Valley College Missouri Western State College
Mitchell College Molloy College
Monmouth College, Monmouth Illinois Monmouth University, West Long Branch New Jersey
Monroe College Montana State University College of Technology, Great Falls
Montana State University-Billings Montana State University-Bozeman
Montana State University-Northern Havre Montana Tech
Montclair State University Monterey College of Law
Monterey Institute of International Studies Montreat College
Moody Bible Institute Moore College of Art & Design
Moravian College Morehead State University
Morehouse College Morehouse School of Medicine
Morgan State University Morningside College
Morris Brown College Morris College
Mount Aloysius College Mount Angel Seminary
Mount Holyoke College Mount Ida College
Mount Marty College Mount Mary College
Mount Mercy College Mount Olive College
Mount Saint Mary College Mount Saint Mary's University
Mount Senario College Mount St. Clare College
Mount St. Mary's College and Seminary, Emmitsburg Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles California
Mount Union College Mount Vernon Nazarene College
Mount Vernon Nazarene University Mountain State University
Mt. Sierra College Muhlenberg College
Multnomah Bible College & Seminary Murray State University
Muskingum College  
Naropa University National American University
National College of Naturopathic Medicine National Defense University
National Hispanic University National Labor College
National Technological University National University
National University of Health Sciences National-Louis University
Naval Postgraduate School Naval War College
Nazarene Bible College Nazareth College
Nebraska Christian College Nebraska Methodist College
Nebraska Wesleyan University Neumann College
New Brunswick Theological Seminary New College of California
New College of Florida New England College
New England College of Optometry New England Conservatory of Music
New England Institute of Technology New England School of Communications
New Jersey City University New Jersey Institute of Technology
New Mexico Highlands University New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
New Mexico State University New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
New School University New World School of the Arts
New York Academy of Art New York City College of Technology
New York College of Podiatric Medicine New York Institute of Technology
New York Law School New York Medical College
New York University Newberry College (SC)
Newbury College (MA) Newman University
Newport University Niagara University
Nicholls State University Nichols College
Norfolk State University North Adams State College
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University North Carolina Central University
North Carolina School of the Arts North Carolina State University
North Carolina Wesleyan College North Central College
North Central University North Dakota State University--Fargo
North Georgia College & State University North Greenville College
North Park University Northcentral University (AZ)
Northeastern Illinois University Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine (OH)
Northeastern State University Northeastern University
Northern Arizona University Northern Illinois University
Northern Kentucky University Northern Michigan University
Northern State University Northland College
Northwest Christian College Northwest College
Northwest College of Art Northwest Missouri State University
Northwest Nazarene University Northwest University
Northwestern College, Iowa Northwestern College, Saint Paul, MN
Northwestern Michigan College Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Northwestern State University, Louisiana Northwestern University
Northwood University Norwich University
Notre Dame College of Ohio Notre Dame de Namur University
Nova Southeastern University Nyack College
Oak Hills Christian College Oakland City University
Oakland University Oakwood College
Oberlin College Oblate School of Theology
Occidental College Oglala Lakota College
Oglethorpe University Ohio Dominican College
Ohio Northern University Ohio University
Ohio Valley College Ohio Wesleyan University
Oklahoma Baptist University Oklahoma Christian University
Oklahoma City University Oklahoma Panhandle State University
Oklahoma State University Oklahoma State University Tulsa
Oklahoma Wesleyan University Old Dominion University
Olin College of Engineering Olivet College
Olivet Nazarene University Oral Roberts University
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology Oregon Health Sciences University
Oregon Institute of Technology Oregon State University
Otis College of Art & Design Ottawa University
Otterbein College Ouachita Baptist University
Our Lady of Holy Cross College Our Lady of the Lake University
Ozark Christian College
Pace University Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
Pacific Lutheran University Pacific Northwest College of Art
Pacific Oaks College Pacific States University
Pacific Union College Pacific University
Pacifica Graduate Institute (CA) Paine College
Palm Beach Atlantic College Palm Beach Atlantic University
Palmer College of Chiropractic Pardee RAND Graduate School
Park University Parker College of Chiropractic
Parsons School of Design Patrick Henry College
Patten College Paul Quinn College
Paul Smith's College Peace College
Peirce College (PA) Pennsylvania College of Optometry
Pennsylvania College of Technology Pennsylvania State University at Altoona
Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley
Pennsylvania State University, Worthington Scranton Pensacola Christian College
Pepperdine University Peru State College
Pfeiffer University Philadelphia Biblical University
Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science Philadelphia University
Philander Smith College Phillips University
Pickering University Piedmont Baptist College
Piedmont College Pikeville College
Pillsbury Baptist Bible College Pine Manor College
Pittsburg State University Pitzer College
Platt College Plymouth State College
Point Loma Nazarene College Point Park College
Polytechnic University of New York Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
Pomona College Ponce School of Medicine
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico Portland State University
Post University Potomac College
Prairie View A & M University Pratt Institute
Pratt Institute Presbyterian College
Prescott College Presentation College
Preston University Princeton University
Principia College Providence College
Purdue University Purdue University Calumet
Purdue University North Central  
Queens College Queens University of Charlotte
Quincy University Quinnipiac College
Radford University Ramapo College of New Jersey
Randolph-Macon College Randolph-Macon Woman's College
Reed College Reformed Bible College
Regent University Regis College
Regis University Reinhardt College
Rensselaer at Hartford Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rhode Island College Rhode Island School of Design
Rhodes College Rice University
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Rider University
Ringling School of Art and Design Ripon College
Rivier College Roanoke Bible College
Roanoke College Robert Morris College, Illinois
Robert Morris College, Pittsburgh, PA Roberts Wesleyan College
Rochester College Rochester Institute of Technology
Rockford College Rockhurst University
Rocky Mountain College Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design
Roger Williams University Rogers State University
Rollins College Roosevelt University
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Rosemont College
Rowan University Rush University
Russell Sage College Rust College
Rutgers University Rutgers University-Camden
Rutgers University-Newark Ryokan College
Sacred Heart University Sacred Heart University, Puerto Rico
Saginaw Valley State University Saint Ambrose University
Saint Andrews Presbyterian College Saint Anselm College
Saint Anthony College of Nursing Saint Augustine's College
Saint Bonaventure University Saint Cloud State University
Saint Edwards University Saint Francis College, Brooklyn Heights, New York
Saint Francis College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Saint Francis College, Loretto, Pennsylvania
Saint Francis University Saint John Fisher College
Saint John Vianney College Seminary Saint John's College
Saint John's University, Collegeville Minnesota Saint John's University, Jamaica New York
Saint Joseph College Saint Joseph's College
Saint Joseph's College of Maine Saint Joseph's University
Saint Lawrence University Saint Leo University
Saint Louis University Saint Martin's College
Saint Mary College Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Saint Mary's College Saint Mary's College of California
Saint Mary's College of Maryland Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Saint Mary's University of San Antonio Saint Meinrad's School of Theology
Saint Michael's College Saint Norbert College
Saint Olaf College Saint Paul's College
Saint Peter's College Saint Rose College
Saint Thomas Aquinas College Saint Thomas University
Saint Vincent College Saint Xavier University
Salem College Salem International University
Salem State College Salisbury State University
Salish Kootenai College Salve Regina University
Sam Houston State University Samford University
Samuel Merritt College San Diego Christian College
San Diego State University San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco Law School San Francisco State University
San Joaquin College of Law San Jose Christian College
San Jose State University Santa Clara University
Sarah Lawrence College Saratoga University School of Law
Savannah College of Art and Design Savannah State University
Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center Schiller International University
School for International Training School of Islamic and Social Sciences
School of the Art Institute of Chicago School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
School of the Visual Arts Schreiner College
Scripps College Seattle Pacific University
Seattle University Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico
Seton Hall University Seton Hill College
Shasta Bible College Shaw University
Shawnee State University Sheffield School of Interior Design
Sheldon Jackson College Shenandoah University
Shepherd College Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic
Shimer College Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
Shorter College Siena College
Siena Heights University Sierra Nevada College
Silver Lake College Simmons College
Simon's Rock College Simpson College, Indianola Iowa
Simpson College, Redding California Simpson University
Sinte Gleska University Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez
Skidmore College Slippery Rock University
Smith Chapel Bible College Smith College
Soka University of America Sonoma State University
Soujourner-Douglass College South Carolina State University
South College South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
South Dakota State University South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary
South Pacific University South Texas College of Law
South University Southampton College
Southeast College of Technology Southeast Missouri State University
Southeastern Bible College Southeastern College of the Assemblies of God
Southeastern Louisiana University Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Southeastern University Southern Adventist University
Southern Arkansas University Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Southern California Institute of Architecture Southern California University of Health Sciences
Southern California University of Professional Studies Southern Christian University
Southern College Southern College of Optometry
Southern Connecticut State University Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville Southern Illinois University Medical School at Springsfield
Southern Methodist University Southern Nazarene University
Southern New Hampshire University Southern Oregon State College
Southern Oregon University Southern Polytechnic State Univerisity
Southern University, Baton Rouge Southern University, New Orleans
Southern University, Shreveport-Bossier City Southern Utah University
Southern Vermont College Southern Virginia University
Southern Wesleyan University Southwest Baptist University
Southwest Bible College and Seminary Southwest Minnesota State University
Southwest Missouri State University Southwest State University
Southwest Texas State University Southwestern Adventist University
Southwestern Assemblies of God University Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Southwestern Christian College Southwestern College (AZ)
Southwestern College (KS) Southwestern College (NM)
Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Southwestern University Southwestern University School of Law
Spalding University Spartanburg Methodist College
Spelman College Spertus College
Spring Arbor College Spring Arbor University
Spring Hill College Springfield College
St. Gregory's University St. Ambrose University
St. Andrews Presbyterian College St. Augustine's College
St. Bonaventure University St. Cloud State University
St. Edward's University St. Gregory's University
St. John Fisher College St. Joseph College
St. Joseph's College (ME) St. Joseph's College (NY)
St. Lawrence University St. Louis College of Pharmacy
St. Martin's College (WA) St. Mary's College of Maryland
St. Mary's Seminary & University St. Mary's University of San Antonio
St. Norbert College St. Petersburg College
St. Thomas Aquinas College St. Thomas University
Stamford International College Stanford University
State University of New York at Albany State University of New York at Binghamton
State University of New York at Buffalo State University of New York at Oswego
State University of New York at Stony Brook State University of New York College at Brockport
State University of New York College at Buffalo (Buffalo State College) State University of New York College at Cortland
State University of New York College at Farmingdale State University of New York College at Fredonia
State University of New York College at Geneseo State University of New York College at New Paltz
State University of New York College at Old Westbury State University of New York College at Oneonta
State University of New York College at Oswego State University of New York College at Plattsburgh
State University of New York College at Potsdam State University of New York College at Purchase
State University of New York College Maritime College at Fort Schuyler State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology, Cobleskill
State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology, Morrisville State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
State University of New York Institute of Technology at Canton State University of New York Institute of Technology at Delhi
State University of New York Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome State University of West Georgia
Stephen F. Austin State University Stephens College
Sterling College, Kansas Sterling College, Vermont
Stetson University Stevens Institute of Technology
Stevens-Henager College Stillman College
Stonehill College Strayer University
Suffolk University Sul Ross State University
Sullivan University Summit University of Louisiana
Susquehanna University Swarthmore College
Sweet Briar College Syracuse University
Tabor College Talladega College
Tarleton State University Taylor University
Teachers College Teikyo Marycrest University
Teikyo Post University Temple University
Tennessee State University Tennessee Technological University
Tennessee Temple University Tennessee Wesleyan College
Texas A&M International University Texas A&M University
Texas A&M University, Commerce Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Texas A&M University, Galveston Texas A&M University, Kingsville
Texas A&M University, Texarkana Texas Chiropractic College
Texas Christian University Texas College
Texas Lutheran University Texas Southern University
Texas State University-San Marcos Texas Tech University
Texas Wesleyan University Texas Woman's University
The American College The Art Institute of Phoenix
The Art Institute of Southern California The Art Institute of Washington
The Baptist College of Florida The Boston Architectural Center
The California Maritime Academy The Catholic University of America
The Catholic University of America The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
The Citadel The College of Insurance
The College of Metaphysical Studies The College of New Jersey
The College of Saint Rose The College of Saint Thomas More
The College of Santa Fe The College of Wooster
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art The Franciscan University of the Prairies
The Graduate Center, City University of New York The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
The Johns Hopkins University The Julliard School
The King's College, New York City, NY The Master's College
The Master's Seminary The Mayo Foundation
The McGregor School of Antioch University The National Graduate School
The Naval Postgraduate School The Ohio State University
The Open University The Pennsylvania State University
The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey The Rockefeller University
The Sage Colleges The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
The Scripps Research Institute The Stefan University
The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts The Transworld University
The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences The Union Institute
The University of Findlay Thiel College
Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula CA Thomas College
Thomas Cooley Law School Thomas Edison State College
Thomas Jefferson University Thomas More College
Thomas University Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management
Tiffin University Toccoa Falls College
Tougaloo College Touro College
Towson University Transylvania University
Trevecca Nazarene University Trinity Baptist College
Trinity Christian College Trinity College
Trinity College of Florida Trinity College of Vermont
Trinity College, Hartford Connecticut Trinity College, Washington DC
Trinity International University Trinity Lutheran College
Trinity University (DC) Trinity University (TX)
Tri-State University Troy State University
Troy State University - Dothan Troy University
Truett-McConnell College Truman State University
Tufts University Tulane University
Tusculum College Tuskegee University
Unification Theological Seminary Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Union College (KY) Union College (NE)
Union College (NY) Union Institute & University
Union Theological Seminary Union University
United States Air Force Academy United States Army War College
United States Coast Guard Academy United States Marine Corps University
United States Merchant Marine Academy United States Military Academy
United States Naval Academy United States Open University
United States Sports Academy Unity College
Universidad Central de Bayamón Universidad Central del Caribe
Universidad del Este Universidad del Sagrado Corazón
Universidad del Turabo Universidad Metropolitana
University College University of Action Learning at Boulder
University of Advancing Technology University of Akron
University of Alabama University of Alabama, Birmingham
University of Alabama, Huntsville University of Alaska, Anchorage
University of Alaska, Fairbanks University of Alaska, Southeast
University of Arizona University of Arkansas at Little Rock
University of Arkansas at Monticello University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville University of Baltimore
University of Bridgeport University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis University of California, Hastings College of Law
University of California, Irvine University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Merced University of California, Riverside
University of California, San Diego University of California, San Francisco
University of California, Santa Barbara University of California, Santa Cruz
University of Central Arkansas University of Central Florida
University of Central Oklahoma University of Charleston
University of Chicago University of Cincinnati
University of Colorado University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
University of Colorado, Denver University of Connecticut
University of Dallas University of Dayton
University of Delaware University of Denver
University of Detroit Mercy University of Dubuque
University of Evansville University of Findlay
University of Florida University of Georgia
University of Great Falls University of Guam
University of Hartford University of Hawaii
University of Hawaii, Hilo University of Hawaii, West Oahu
University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine University of Houston
University of Houston, Clear Lake University of Houston, Downtown
University of Houston, Victoria University of Idaho
University of Illinois at Chicago University of Illinois at Springfield
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Indianapolis
University of Iowa University of Judaism
University of Kansas University of Kansas Medical Center
University of Kentucky University of La Verne
University of Louisiana at Lafayette University of Louisiana at Monroe
University of Louisville University of Maine
University of Maine at Fort Kent University of Maine at Presque Isle
University of Mary University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
University of Mary Washington University of Maryland at Baltimore
University of Maryland at College Park University of Maryland Baltimore County
University of Maryland Eastern Shore University of Maryland University College
University of Massachusetts at Amherst University of Massachusetts at Boston
University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth University of Massachusetts at Lowell
University of Massachusetts Medical School University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
University of Memphis University of Miami
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor University of Michigan-Dearborn
University of Michigan-Flint University of Minnesota-Crookston
University of Minnesota-Duluth University of Minnesota-Morris
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities University of Mississippi
University of Mississippi Medical Center University of Missouri-Columbia
University of Missouri-Kansas City University of Missouri-Rolla
University of Missouri-Saint Louis University of Mobile
University of Montana-Missoula University of Montana-Western
University of Montevallo University of Natural Medicine
University of Nebraska, Kearney University of Nebraska, Lincoln
University of Nebraska, Omaha University of Nevada, Las Vegas
University of Nevada, Reno University of New England
University of New Hampshire University of New Hampshire at Manchester
University of New Hampshire, Durham University of New Haven
University of New Mexico University of New Orleans
University of Newport University of North Alabama
University of North Carolina at Asheville University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of North Carolina at Charlotte University of North Carolina at Greensboro
University of North Carolina at Pembroke University of North Carolina at Wilmington
University of North Dakota University of North Dakota--Lake Region
University of North Florida University of North Texas
University of Northern California University of Northern Colorado
University of Northern Iowa University of Northern Washington
University of Northwestern Ohio University of Notre Dame
University of Oklahoma University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
University of Oregon University of Orlando
University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Science University of Pennsylvania
University of Phoenix University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh at Bradford University of Pittsburgh at Greenburg
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown University of Portland
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
University of Puget Sound University of Redlands
University of Rhode Island University of Richmond
University of Rio Grande University of Rochester
University of Saint Francis University of Saint Mary
University of Saint Thomas (MN) University of Saint Thomas (TX)
University of San Diego University of San Francisco
University of Sarasota University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
University of Scranton University of Sioux Falls
University of South Alabama University of South Carolina
University of South Carolina, Aiken University of South Carolina, Beaufort
University of South Carolina, Spartanburg University of South Dakota
University of South Florida University of Southern California
University of Southern Colorado University of Southern Indiana
University of Southern Maine University of Southern Mississippi
University of St. Francis University of Tampa
University of Tennessee Health Science Center University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
University of Tennessee, Knoxville University of Tennessee, Martin
University of Texas at Arlington University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Brownsville University of Texas at Dallas
University of Texas at El Paso University of Texas at San Antonio
University of Texas at Tyler University of Texas Health Center at Tyler
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
University of Texas Medical Branch University of Texas of the Permian Basin
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center University of Texas-Pan American
University of the Arts University of the District of Columbia
University of the Incarnate Word University of the Ozarks
University of the Pacific University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
University of the South University of the Virgin Islands
University of Toledo University of Tulsa
University of Utah University of Vermont
University of Virginia University of Virginia's College at Wise
University of Washington University of West Alabama
University of West Florida University of West Los Angeles
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
University of Wisconsin-Parkside University of Wisconsin-Platteville
University of Wisconsin-River Falls University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
University of Wisconsin-Stout University of Wisconsin-Superior
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater University of Wyoming
Upper Iowa University Upstate Medical University
Urbana University Ursinus College
Ursuline College Utah State University
Utah Valley State College Utica College
Valdosta State University Valley City State University
Valley Forge Christian College Valparaiso University
Vanderbilt University Vanguard University
Vassar College Vaughn College of Aeronautics
Vennard College Vermont Law School (VT)
Vermont Technical College Villa Julie College
Villanova University Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Intermont College Virginia International University
Virginia Military Institute Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Virginia State University Virginia Union University
Virginia University of Lynchburg Virginia Wesleyan College
Viterbo College Voorhees College
Wabash College Wagner College
Wake Forest University Walden University
Waldorf College Walla Walla College
Walsh College Walsh University
Warner Pacific College Warner Southern College
Warren Wilson College Wartburg College
Washburn University Washington & Jefferson College
Washington & Lee University Washington Bible College
Washington College Washington State University
Washington University in Saint Louis Wayland Baptist University
Wayne State College Wayne State University
Waynesburg College Webb Institute
Webber International University Weber State University
Webster University Webster University North Florida
Wellesley College Wells College
Wentworth Institute of Technology Wesley College
Wesley Theological Seminary Wesleyan College
Wesleyan University West Chester University of Pennsylvania
West Coast University West Liberty State College
West Texas A&M University West Virginia State College
West Virginia State University West Virginia University
West Virginia University at Parkersburg West Virginia University Institute of Technology
West Virginia Wesleyan College Western Baptist College
Western Carolina University Western Connecticut State University
Western Governors University Western Illinois University
Western International University Western Kentucky University
Western Maryland College Western Michigan University
Western Montana College Western New England College
Western New Mexico University Western Oregon University
Western State College Western State University College of Law
Western States Chiropractic College Western University of Health Sciences
Western Washington University Westfield State College
Westminster College (MO) Westminster College (PA)
Westminster College (UT) Westminster Seminary California
Westminster Theological Seminary Westminster Theological Seminary in California
Westmont College Weston Jesuit School of Theology
Westwood College of Technology Wheaton College (IL)
Wheaton College (MA) Wheeling Jesuit University
Wheelock College Whitman College
Whittier College Whitworth College
Wichita State University Widener University
Wilberforce University Wiley College
Wilkes University Willamette University
William Carey College William Carey International University
William Howard Taft University William Jewell College
William Mitchell College of Law William Paterson University
William Penn College William Woods University
Williams Baptist College Williams College
Wilmington College (DE) Wilmington College (OH)
Wilson College Wingate University
Winona State University Winston-Salem State University
Winthrop University Wisconsin Lutheran College
Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology Wittenberg University
Wofford College Woodbury University
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester State College Wright Institute
Wright State University  
Xavier University of Louisiana Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
Yale University Yeshiva University
York College York College of Pennsylvania
York College, York Nebraska Youngstown State University
Zion Bible Institute

A bachelor degree is the most traditional degree given by US colleges and universities. It normally requires at least four years but not more than five years of full-time college-level coursework. The two most common classes of bachelor degrees awarded by US schools are the bachelor of science degree (also called the B.S.) and the bachelor of arts degree (also called the B.A.). Some schools offer only the B.A. degree, even for science majors (such as a B.A. in biology). Other schools offer both the B.A. and the B.S.
A bachelors degree is what most students pursue when enrolling in a US university or college. In fact, people with a bachelors degree earn substantially more than those who don't. More and more jobs and careers today require applicants to posses one. Some would argue that a bachelors degree is the first step to success. At the very least, it helps open doors of opportunity.
All students pursuing a bachelors degree must select a major, usually by the end of their second year. Students must complete a required number of courses (or units) within their major in order to graduate with a bachelor degree in that major. They may also be required to complete a number of courses in closely related fields in order to satisfy other requirements. For example, a student who is majoring in chemistry will not only have to complete chemistry courses, but also mathematics, biology, and physics courses in order to graduate with a bachelor of science degree in chemistry. In addition to the requirements for the major, students must also complete a series of courses outside of their major. These requirements will apply to all students attending the college, regardless of major. For example, all students may be required to complete courses in writing, foreign language, communications, and American history. Without it, they cannot graduate.
There are various types of schools that offer bachelors degree programs. The different types of US schools can be classified into the categories that are described below.

Private universities that offer bachelor degree programs

These are schools that are operated by private individuals and are financed by private funds. These schools are not controlled by any government agency and also offer many bachelors degree options. Tuition at private schools is normally much higher than at public schools because of the lack of financial support from the government. There is no difference between the amount of tuition paid by American students and foreign students. Obtaining a bachelor's degree at a private university or college is what many international students choose. Make sure the university is properly accredited so that your bachelor's degree will be recognized.

Public universities that offer bachelor degree programs

These are schools offering bachelors degree options are operated by a state government and are financed by public funds. They are also called state universities and sometimes have the word state in their names (for example, San Diego State University). The tuition charged by these schools for bachelors degree programs is typically much lower for students who are residents of the state where the school is located. Public universities offer bachelor's degrees and some offer master's and PhD degrees, too. Students who are residents of other states and international students will pay higher tuition because they and their parents have not contributed to the taxes that help finance the schools. The bachelors degree programs offered at public universities vary per school and are popular with international students.

Liberal arts colleges that offer bachelor degree programs

These are schools that offer bachelor's degree programs and provide students with a broad-based, rather than a highly focused, education. These schools are described in detail in the Liberal arts section.

Institutes of technology that offer bachelor degree programs

These are schools that offer bachelor's degree programs and courses primarily in the fields of science and engineering. Unlike a liberal arts college, institutes of technology provide students with an education that is focused in their major. These schools are usually best known for their graduate programs.

Religiously affiliated Universities that offer bachelor degree Programs

These schools offering bachelors degree programs were founded by religious organizations. Most religiously affiliated schools in America were founded by Christian organizations, but other faiths are also represented. These are all privately funded, and many offer what is referred to as a liberal arts education. Nearly all will admit students of all faiths, and only some will require students to attend religious services. Search our list of top USA universities and colleges offering bachelor degrees.

Specialized vocation schools that offer bachelors degree programs

These are highly specialized schools that offer bachelor's degree vocational training in certain fields. Examples of such schools offering bachelor's degrees would be Julliard (acting) Berkley, (music), Parson's School of Design (fashion), etc. In addition to bachelors degrees, these vocation schools also often offer graduate degrees.

Online colleges and online universities that offer bachelors degree programs

Besides physically attending a school in the USA, international students also have the option of obtaining their bachelors degree online. There are numerous accredited online colleges offering online bachelors degree options.

Bachelor Degree Quotes

  • "After earning a bachelor degree, my salary jumped 45%. I am so glad I can now put my bachelor degree down on my resume."
  • "Earning my bachelor's degree was the best decision I have ever made. The bachelors degree has opened doors that were never open before."
  • "Almost everyone has the opportunity to earn a bachelors degree these days. A bachelor degree will help you obtain better jobs and secure a brighter future."
  • "I highly encourage anyone considering it to get their bachelors degree. If I can get my bachelor degree, anyone can. You wont regret it."
  • "I strongly believe that a bachelors degree is essential in order to succeed in today's highly competitive job market. My bachelors degree helped open doors that were not open before."
  • "Possessing a bachelors degree is essential in so many industries today. The world is getting more skilled and educated. Without a bachelor degree, a job candidate will be at an disadvantage."

Is a bachelors degree worth obtaining? What is the value of a bachelor degree?

According to the Census Bureau, over an adult's working life, high school graduates earn an average of $1.2 million; associate degree holders earn about $1.6 million; and those with a bachelor degree earn about $2.1 million. That means that a bachelor degree holder earns almost double that of a high school graduate. In addition, it has been reported that bachelor degree holders save more during their lifetime. Clearly, it is worth earning a bachelor degree!

Here is where you will find top US universities and US colleges offering US master's degree and PhD programs, listed by the state they are located in. These US universities and US colleges offer cutting-edge master's and PhD courses, leading to Master's and PhD (doctoral) degrees. The schools offering these top US Master's degree programs and US PhD degree programs are waiting to hear from you and send you detailed information. Contact the appropriate graduate universities and colleges below that meet your criteria.

Albama Louisiana Ohio

Auburn University

University of Alabama

University of Mobile

Louisiana State University in Shreveport

Southeastern Louisiana University

DeVry University

Cleveland State University

Ohio State University

Alaska Maine Oklahoma

Alaska Pacific University

University of Alaska Fairbanks

University of Maine

University of New England

Oklahoma State University

University of Oklahoma

Arizona Maryland Oregon

DeVry University

Prescott College

Frostburg State University

Johns Hopkins University

Salisbury University

University of Maryland

Eastern Oregon University

Oregon State University

Portland State University

Arkansas Massachusetts Pennsylvania

Arkansas State University

Arkansas Tech University

Boston University

Harvard University

Lesley University

DeVry University

Bloomsburg University

La Roche College

California Michigan Rhode Island

DeVry University

American Intercontinental University

California Baptist University

California State University Chico

Claremont Graduate University


Andrews University

Michigan Technological University

Oakland University

Johnson and Wales University

Rhode Island College

University of Rhode Island

Colorado Minnesota South Carolina

DeVry University

Colorado State University

University of Denver

Metropolitan State University

Walden University

Clemson University

South Carolina State University

Connecticut Mississippi South Dakota

Fairfield University

University of Bridgeport

Mississippi State University

University of Mississippi

Northern State University

University of South Dakota

Delaware Missouri Tennessee

University of Delaware

Wilmington College

DeVry University

Northwest Missouri State University

Saint Louis University

Tennessee State University

Tennessee Technological University

Florida Montana Taxas

DeVry University

Jacksonville University

University of Great Falls

University of Montana-Missoula

DeVry University

Abilene Christian University

Baylor University

Hardin-Simmons University

Midwestern State University

Georgia Nebraska Utah

DeVry University

Emory University

Georgia Southwestern State University

University of Nebraska Lincoln

Southern Utah University

University of Utah

Hawaii New Hampshire Vermont

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Antioch New England Graduate School

University of New Hampshire

Castleton State College

College of St. Joseph

Idaho New Jersey Virginia

Boise State University

University of Idaho

Georgian Court College

Monmouth University

New Jersey City University

College of William and Mary

George Mason University

Illinois New Mexico Washington

DeVry University

Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois State University

Northwestern University

College of the Southwest

New Mexico State University

DeVry University

Eastern Washington University

Pacific Lutheran University

Indiana New York Washington D.C.

Indiana University South Bend

Oakland City University

DeVry University

Adelphi University

Buffalo State College

Columbia University

Mount Saint Mary College

American University

Catholic University of America

Howard University

Iowa North Carolina West Virginia

Iowa State University of Science and Technology

University of Iowa

Duke University

Wake Forest University

Marshall University

West Virginia University

Kansas North Dakota Wisconsin

Benedictine College

Pittsburg State University

University of North Dakota

Edgewood College

Marquette University

Kentucky Wyoming


University of Kentucky

Western Kentucky University

University of Wyoming


Here is where you will find the top USA ESL schools (English as a second language schools) and USA ESL programs for students wanting to study English as a second language in the USA. The USA ESL schools below are listed by the US state they are located in and offer international students the opportunity to learn English as a second language in the USA at a top language school. These USA ESL schools issue international student visas and help international students successfully learn English as a second language using intensive English as a second language study lessons. Most of these ESL study programs are intensive and offer students the option of transferring into a university or college. Contact the USA ESL schools below that meet your criteria by clicking on the links and start your English as a second language study journey! These USA ESL schools are waiting to hear from you:

Albama Arizona Arkansas

University of Alabama

American Language Programs, Inc.

Spring International Language Center at the University of Arkansas




English Language and International Programs - University of California Extension, Santa Cruz

American Language Institute, San Diego State University

The Hollywood School

Cal State University Los Angeles

California State University, Fullerton

Kaplan International English School in Berkeley

Kaplan International English School in Irvine

Kaplan International English School in Los Angeles

Kaplan International English School at Whittier College

Kaplan International English School in Santa Barbara

Kaplan International English School in Sacramento

Kaplan International English School in San Francisco

Kaplan International English School in San Diego

University of Bridgeport

University of Delaware

Florida Georgia Hawaii

CCLS - Cultural Center for Language Studies

The Language Academy

Embry-Riddle Language Institute

Language Exchange International

Kaplan International English School in Miami

Georgia State University

San Diego Golf Academy

Illinois Indiana Iowa

Intrax English Institute

Kaplan International English School in Chicago

Kaplan International English School at IIT - Chicago

The Language Company English Institutes

Iowa Western Community College

Kansas Louisiana Maryland

The Language Company English Institutes

Southeastern Louisiana University

College of Notredame of Maryland

Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota

Intensive English Language Institute at Worcester State College

The New England School of English

Boston School of English

American Language Programs, Inc.

Kaplan International English School in Boston (Harvard Square)

Kaplan International English School in Boston (downtown)

Kaplan International English School at Northeastern University

Kaplan International English School at Dean College

Central Michigan University

Concordia Language Villages

Mississippi Missouri New Hampshire

Mississippi State University English as a Second Language Center

Central Missouri State University

Southern New Hampshire University/Center for Language Education

New Jersey New Mexico New York

Harvest Institute

University of New Mexico

The King's College: Program for American Language Studies

Zoni Language Centers

Rochester Institute of Technology's English Language Center

Nazareth College of Rochester

Kaplan International English School in New York (East Village)

Kaplan International English School in New York (Midtown)

Kaplan International English School in New York (Empire State Building)

Acting School: Top acting schools, Film Acting Schools, Acting Class, New York and Los Angeles Acting Schools and Colleges

The selection of an acting school largely depends on one's goals after graduation. Is the main goal to star in movies? Television? Broadway? Local theater? Location is a huge deciding factor for an acting school. Someone anxious to break right into New York's hot theater district might do well to narrow their search to schools in Manhattan, while a thespian set on local productions can look closer to home. While Los Angeles and New York are obvious choices to be close to the major markets, there are terrific schools spread all across the country. Beyond location, it is important to decide which type of school is best. A four-year college will offer acting training in conjunction with broader liberal arts instruction, while vocational schools offer faster programs that focus solely on acting. No matter what kind of school one chooses, and regardless of location, other details that should not be overlooked include the institution's facilities (do they meet industry standards?), faculty (do they have experience in the industry?), instruction (should be hands-on in small class sizes), exposure (does the school have contacts with industry professionals?), and cost/financial aid. Finally, the school should be accredited and/or licensed with a legitimate agency. No school should require large up-front payments, nor should they force applicants to sign binding contracts, but all reputable acting schools will require an audition.

Why Acting school?

Acting schools can provide you with the skills needed to succeed in the very competitive acting industry. Most acting schools have very comprehensive curriculums. In addition to this, acting schools often have connections to the professional acting world. If you wish to break into the acting field, acting school can be a vital tool to meet your goals. No matter what type of acting you want to do, there is most definitely an acting school for you.

Which acting schools should I consider?

Finding the acting school that fits you is a very personal decision that should be based mostly on your acting goals. You need to ask yourself what kind of acting you would most like to do. Would you like to act in films? Would you like to act on TV? Commercial acting? Acting on Broadway? Theater acting?? You have all these and many other options when thinking about acting. Different acting schools offer acting classes in all of those genres, and often even more obscure types of acting. This is an area where you really need to do your research. There are multitudes of acting careers that you can have after attending acting school. Location is a very important factor in choosing any school, but perhaps even more so in regards to acting schools. Because using your acting school 's connections to the acting industry is so important, you want to consider their proximity and affiliation to the specific area you want to work in. For example, a acting school in Los Angeles will most likely have more connections to the film acting market in Hollywood. If you are looking to act in plays or musicals, New York City would be a good place to consider because of its proximity to Broadway. Things like this are very important in you acting school choice.

Like any other school, you must also feel that you would be comfortable in the acting school you choose. An acting school will be your home for a few years, so you must be able to live there.
Because of the large amount of prospective actors out there, there are a huge number of acting schools. Unfortunately, not all of these acting schools are legitimate. Some acting schools will not give you good education, and simply want to take your money from you. For this reason, it is important to look into the legitimacy of the acting schools. Generally, acting schools associated with major colleges and universities are good acting schools.

How do I apply to acting schools?

After choosing one or a few acting schools, it is important to immediately start working with the acting school's admission staff. They are there to help you and guide you through the arduous acting school admission process. As with other colleges and universities, acting schools will ask you to fill out a regular application. In addition, however, the acting school may ask you to submit an acting portfolio. An acting portfolio will generally include a headshot and a full r'sum' of all of your acting experience. Because of this, it is important to start compiling an acting r'sum' now. Add to it whenever you do something new relating to acting.

What is the acting school audition like?

In addition to the acting portfolio, acting schools may ask you to do an audition. This means that you will have to prepare a piece and perform it for a group of representatives from the acting school. This is an integral part of getting in to an acting school. You must choose you acting piece carefully, and take it very seriously. The audition is the only time that the acting school will get to see you actually act before deciding whether or not to admit you to their acting school.

Film School Programs : Top Film schools, filmmaking school, Film directing schools, Film production school, Film editing Schools

Film School : About Film Schools, Film Editing Schools, Film Directing, Film Making School Programs

Film schools and film directing schools provide aspiring film students with a solid understanding of the many facets of the film industry. While graduating from one of the many top film schools or film directing schools does not ensure a film school graduate success in the film industry, it certainly increases the odds in his or her favor. The film industry is becoming much more competitive and graduates of film schools or film directing schools have more doors opened to them because of their film school or film directing school diploma or degree. Because graduating from one of the many film schools and film directing schools requires lots of time and money, make sure that film school or film directing school is, in fact, the option that will best help you reach your film career goals.

Choosing the Film School Program That Is Right for You: How to Choose a Film School, Film Making School, or Film Directing School

The film industry is a lucrative, multi-faceted one. Depending on what part of film production and movie making you would like to learn, there is a film school or film directing school for you. Top film schools and film directing schools are located all over the United States, and choosing the right one can often prove very difficult to a prospective film student.

Researching Film School, Film Making School and Film Directing School Options

Due to the increasing demand of film-related jobs, film schools have been increasing in number. However, not all of these film schools issue film degrees or film diplomas that are taken seriously in the film industry. To be sure that you avoid attending one of these film schools, make sure you do plenty of research on the film school. Some questions you may want ask yourself are:

  • Has this film school or film directing school been around for a while?
  • Is this film school or film directing school affiliated with a major university?
  • Does this film school have the credentials to back up its program?
  • Have this film school's teachers worked in the industry?

If the answer to many of these questions is no, you may want to consider another film school. Well established film schools that have been around for a long time are generally taken more seriously in the film industry. The film students of film schools affiliated with major universities are also more widely accepted. As a prospective film student, you want your film school teachers to have had experience in the film industry. If not, how can you expect to learn from them how to break into the film industry? The film school's credentials are very important. Some film schools give degrees that are almost worthless in the film industry. Make sure that the film school that you choose is one that is respected in the film industry.

Film School Location

Another factor in choosing a film school is location. If you would like to remain closer to home, then check the film schools in your area. Many of the most acclaimed film schools are located in New York and in Los Angeles, as they are the two major film centers in the United States. You may want to choose a film school in one of these or another major city, because it will give you a chance to be close to the film industry. This opens up more opportunities for you to get an film-related internship or job.

Film School, Film Making School, Film Directing Schools That Meet Your Career Needs

Depending on what branch of film most interests you, you will want to select a film school with a degree/program that will aid you in your particular field of interest.
There are three major types of film schools. Industry film schools are film schools that prepare you for a career in Hollywood and teach you how best to go about selling your movie ideas to producers. Independent film school will help you if you want to produce major films outside of the Hollywood system. Experimental film school does not teach the financial and business side of film, but focuses on the artistic side of film.

Film School Degrees vs. Film School Diplomas

Another very important factor when choosing a film school is knowing what the film schools offer you upon graduation. Some film schools will offer a degree, and some will offer a diploma upon completion of the course, but no degree. That is not to say that the programs are not recognized by the film industry, however. Many of the film degrees available are MFA (Master of Fine Arts) Degrees. To be considered for admission into a film school program of this nature, you must already have an undergraduate degree. If possible, visit the film schools or film directing schools you are seriously considering attending. Make sure that you like the campus, city, and program they have to offer. You are given many options when looking for a film school. Make sure you choose the one that is right for you.

Applying to Film School and Film Making Schools

When applying to a film school or a number of film schools, you will be asked to provide them with various items to demonstrate your ability as a film-maker and prospective film school student. You may want to start early accumulating things that will look impressive in order to be admitted to your first choice film school.

Preparing Your Film School Résumé

The first item you will be asked to submit will be a résumé. In addition to the things you would put on any college application, you will want to focus on certain things. Many film schools look for students with advanced writing skills. Taking writing classes will give you an edge. Acting and theater-related classes will also help you, especially if you hope to specialize in directing during your film school career. Directing requires you to be able to relate and effectively communicate with the actors you are working with. Also, be sure to include any previous movie production experience you have, if any.

Making a Application Film for Film School

The other, equally important thing that a film school will want to see is a sample movie. Film schools want to see you in action. They want to see an example of your film production abilities. If you don't have a video camera yourself, try to borrow one from a friend. The movie should not be very long. It should probably be between 5 and 10 minutes. Make multiple movies. Watch them with others and have them give you feedback. Your films will get progressively better as you gain more experience. With this information in mind, you may want to take different extra-curricular film programs and attend film camps to give yourself an extra edge in the competition for film school admission.

Other Requirements for Film School Applications

Some film schools may ask for other things, including a screenplay other example of your writing, an animation storyboard, or photographs. Much of it depends on the individual film schools, and what area of film you want to enter. For example, if you wanted to enter animation, you would most likely need to send your prospective film school drawings. Be sure to check the admission requirements for your specific film school.

How To Best Prepare for Film School

It is important to know how to adequately prepare yourself before applying to film schools or film directing schools. If properly prepared, gaining admission into top film schools or film directing schools will be much easier.
Make your own films: There are some film schools and film directing schools that require applicants to submit a short film that he or she has made. Therefore, it is important that you be prepared and make as many films as possible. Top film schools and film directing schools look for dedication, discipline, and passion. Take as many writing courses as possible - It is very important to take as many writing courses as possible since many film schools and film directing schools favor applicants who can write proficiently. Take acting and theater classes and courses - Enroll in as many acting and theater classes as possible since this will provide you with valuable experience and allow you to submit a strong application to film schools and film directing schools.

What You Should Do Once Enrolled in Film School, Filmmaking School or Film Directing School

A film school degree will not necessarily secure you a place in the Hollywood film industry. However, an MFA film degree will definitely be able to help you. It, at the very least will give you the credentials necessary to teach. If, however you are a prospective film student who is very motivated to break into the feature film industry, there are certain film goals you should attain during your film school career. During a film school career, the typical successful film school student that goes on to make feature films accomplishes a few things. A film school student destined for success will come out of film school with a very good short film. The film student will generally also have a screen-play for a feature film that they have written and intend to make into a film. This is especially important if you want to direct films.

What Type of Film Classes Should Students enroll in at Film School?

Depending on what film school you go to, most will offer a slightly flexible film curriculum. Many film schools allow you to specialize, depending upon your career goals for the film industry. If a film school student wants to be directing films, producing films, editing films, or working in one of the multitudes of other jobs necessary to putting a film together, there is most likely a class for them. This, however, means that a film student will increase his or her chances of success by knowing what type of film career he or she wants to pursue after film school. A film school student should choose film classes based on this goal, because, while all film students will be given a general education in the basics, many good film schools will not only allow you to, but encourage you to become more specialized in one area of film studies. Film schools will generally offer classes in many or all of the following categories:

  • Cinematography in Film
  • Producing Films and Film Production
  • Film Directing
  • Film Production Design
  • Set Design
  • Screenwriting for Films
  • Film Editing
  • Working with Actors

Many top film schools will offer various levels of all of these film courses. Sometimes, you will take the basic film courses in all of these areas. After that, however, a film school student may often choose what areas of film he or she wishes to continue studying. For example, a film school student wishing to become a film director may take all of the Film Directing courses offered to him, as well as all of the Working with Actors courses. He may, however, choose to only take only one class of Producing Films. Alternatively, if a film school student wanted to produce films after gradation from film school, he or she may take all the Producing Films courses, but only one Film Directing course. Remember the importance of deciding on your film career goals before enrolling in one of the top film schools. The options are endless, and you should check the curriculum of the film schools you are considering attending and choose your film school schedule wisely.

Associate Degrees Online: Associates Degree Programs Two Year Degrees:

The associate degree is a two year degree given by US colleges. The degree is awarded to students who have completed all the requirements of the program. There are three classes of associates degrees in the USA: the associate of arts degree (also called the A.A. degree), the associate of applied science degree (the A.A.S. degree), and the associate of science degree (A.S. degree). These degrees are awarded by two types of colleges: community colleges, which are operated by the local government and financed by public funds, and junior colleges, which are generally privately run. Both are excellent options for students who want to complete an associate degree. There are three general groups of students who will enroll in community or junior college. The first are students who do not want to pursue a bachelor degree, but prefer instead to complete an associate degree program. The second are students who eventually want to earn a bachelor degree, but choose to complete the first two years of their education at a community college before transferring to a four-year college or university. The third are members of the local community who want to take classes in various subjects without pursuing any type of degree or enrolling in a formal program (this is called "continuing education"). Here is our list of top US community colleges and junior colleges offering associates degree programs and online associate degrees. At all public colleges in the US, including community colleges, the tuition paid by an international student will be higher than what is paid by a student living in the college's local community. The international student will pay the same tuition as an American student who lives outside the local area. Typically the cost of attending a community college will still be much lower than attending a four-year college or university, even a public one. Therefore completing an associates degree program at a US community college is a very cost effective way of obtaining an education. It also gives international students the ability to greatly reduce the cost of completing a bachelor degree if they choose to transfer to a four-year college upon finishing their first two years, even if they don't complete all the requirements for the associate degree. Junior colleges offer associates degrees similarly to community colleges, but because they are privately funded they charge the same tuition to all students. Therefore, international students do not have to pay more than American students when attending a junior college. However, a privately run junior college may not be as economical as a community college. International students who are on a tight budget should carefully research the cost differences between all their options. This holds true whether the student is planning to complete a two year degree, or whether the student is planning to eventually transfer to a four-year college. Another matter that should be carefully researched is whether the college you are considering is fully accredited to award associate degrees and whether the courses you complete at the college are fully transferable to another college. The best way to determine whether the college is fully accredited is to ask major universities if they would recognize an associate degree from that community college or junior college.

Associates Degree Advantages

Time savings: associate degrees can be completed in approximately two years. Higher earning potential: many skilled professions and high-paying jobs require at least an associate degree in a specialized field or discipline. Cost savings: tuition at community colleges is typically lower than at public four-year colleges. Convenience: most cities in the USA have colleges that offer associate degrees so it will be easy and convenient to complete your degree anywhere. You can also complete an associate degree online from your own home. Higher demand: associate degree holders are now in more demand than ever thanks to the increasingly favorable reputations of many community and junior colleges. Boys and Girls Boarding School: American, Boys Boarding Schools, Girls Boarding Schools Top Private Boys and Girls Boarding Schools, Military Boarding Schools, Christian Boarding Schools.

Girls Boarding School and Boys Boarding School

The United States boasts some of the top boarding schools around ( Boys-girls boarding school list ). There are excellent girls boarding schools and boys boarding schools for all needs and ages. (Click here to read tips for choosing the best boys boarding school or girls boarding school) . There are elite top private boarding schools as well as more affordable boarding school options. There are Christian boarding schools and boarding schools for troubled teens. Some boarding schools offer the option to be a day student without boarding while offering the same quality boarding school education. You can choose between California boarding schools, Florida boarding schools or Texas boarding schools. As you can see, the options for girls boarding schools and boys boarding schools are almost endless. Listed below is where you will find the top USA girls boarding schools and top boys boarding schools, listed by the state they are located in. These USA boys boarding schools and girls boarding schools offer residency and top-notch education, preparing boys and girls for a bright future. The American boarding schools listed here include girl's boarding schools, boy's boarding schools, military boarding schools, boarding schools for teens, boarding schools for troubled teens, private boarding schools, Christian boarding schools, and boarding high schools. Find reputable American boys boarding schools or American girls boarding schools that meet your child's needs. Locate a boys boarding school or girls boarding school (or a few boarding schools, if you'd like) below in the appropriate US state. These United States boys and girls boarding schools offer the finest education and are eager to hear from you! Contact any of the following United States boarding schools by clicking on them and start your exciting boarding school journey.

Albama Arizona Arkansas

Indiant Springs School

The Fernster School

Saint Paul's Preparatory Academy

Southwestern Academy

Ozark Adventist Academy

California Connecticut Colorado

The Athenian School

Happy Valley School

Monte Vista Christian School

Southwestern Academy


The Canterbury School

Choate Rosemary Hall

The Marvelwood School

The Taft School

Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Crested Butte Academy

Florida Georgia Illinois

Montverde Academy

The Vanguard School


Brandon Hall School

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

Tallulah Falls School

Fox River Country Day School

Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

Indiana Kansas Maine

Howe Military School

Saint John's Military School

George Stevens Academy

Bridgton Academy

Maine Central Institute

Maryland Massachusetts Michigan

Garrison Forest School (Girls)

Saint James School

Sandy Spring Friends School

Berkshire School

Dana Hall School (Girls)

Worcester Academy

The Leelanau School

Minnesota Mississippi Missouri

Cotter High School


The Piney Woods School

Missouri Military Academy

New Hampshire New Jersey New York

Brewster Academy

Hampshire Country School

New Hampton School

The White Mountain School

American Boychoir School

The Lawrenceville School

Darrow School

North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania

Christ School

Salem Academy (Girls)

The Andrews School (Girls)

The Grand River Academy

George School

Linden Hall School for Girls

Wyoming Seminary


Rhode Island Tennessee Texas

Saint Andrew's School

Baylor School

The Webb School

The Brook Hill School

Incarnate Word High School


Vermont Washington Virginia

The Greenwood School

Lyndon Institute

Vermont Academy

The Northwest School

Chatham Hall (Girls)

Episcopal High School

Massanutten Military Academy

Virginia Episcopal School


West Virginia Wisconsin  

The Linsly School

Saint John's Northwestern Military Academy


Choosing the best boys boarding school and girls boarding school

  • Determine the best type of boys and girls boarding schools for your child. Would the best be an all boys boarding schools or all girls boarding school? Would it be a Christian boarding school? Would it be a military boarding school? A top private boarding school? Would it be one of the top boarding schools for troubled teens? Or would co-ed boarding schools be best?
  • Decide whether boarding schools specializing in academics or discipline are more important, or a mixture of both. Different boys boarding schools and girls boarding schools specialize in catering to different needs.
  • Figure out how much it will cost to send your child to a girls boarding school or boys boarding school and how it will fit into your budget. Include the travel cost for holidays to and fro boarding schools, too.
  • Determine how close you want to be to the boarding schools you are considering and how often you would like to have your child come home from boarding school for visits.
  • Finally, visit the boys boarding schools or girls boarding schools with your child. Make sure your child feels comfortable at the boarding school.
  • Speak to others who have attended the boys or girls boarding schools you are considering and obtain references.

Boys and Girls Boarding School Quotes

  • "My daughter is very happy with the girls boarding school we chose. She loves her Texas boarding school. -Sarah Pines-
  • "Our son is enrolled in an all boys boarding school for troubled teens and his grades have skyrocketed." -Jim McGuire-
  • "Enrolling our two kids in top private boarding schools is one of the best decisions we have ever made. We elected to send them to California boarding schools. Our son and daughter love the boys boarding school and girls boarding school they attend." -Jackie and Bruce Smith-
  • "Boarding school was definitely the best choice for our daughter. She was involved in evaluating and narrowing down the girls boarding schools that were best for her. She is now a senior in one of the top girls boarding schools in the country and is heading to college." -Helen Lee-
  • "I was surprised when I discovered that I could afford to send my daughter to one of the top girls boarding schools in the USA. She loved her all girls boarding school." -Jose Oliveiro-
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