Important career trends:

The last few weeks of career orientation program across Tamil nadu, I witnessed very important observations like:

  • Students are more keen on civil service / group exams to pursue their career in Government jobs.
  • In Chennai, there is a tremendous rise for Commerce group in 11th and 12th std compared to previous years. Going to be real challenging time for Chennai based Engineering colleges. They need to really increase their brand value among the science group students to attract top ranked students for admissions.
  • The current 12th std students are still struggling to learn about the new JEE main exam scoring patterns especially percentile system of evolution. ( Even CBSE board students)
  • There is a significant drop even in biology group due to NEET exam.
  • 60 % of Engineering aspiring students are keen on Computer science Engineering and Information technology.
  • Could sense a significant drop for mechanical and civil engineering aspiring students. (compared to last year)
  • Interest for Agriculture related courses also has come down. ( due to less number of students in biology group in state board. ) Biology students from CBSE board are not keen on Agriculture career.
  • Going to be a significant increase in demand for course at all top rated arts colleges across the state.

Compiled by
Jayaprakash Gandhi

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