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I am currently studying in std 11th. I want to pursue a career in human genetics. I am planning to 1st complete MBBS then to enter genetic field and then go in for MBA....I would like to know whether I m going on the right path and if u have any suggestions I would like to accept it. Waiting for the reply.....

Dear Kulkarni,

In fact you want to do 3 careers simultaneously. I don't think you are in the right path. You should first decide in which career you want to develop first?, Either in human genetic or administration or medicine. In case you want to have a career in human genetics I would advise you to do Undergraduate programme in Bio Technology or Micro biology and then proceed to do your Post Graduation in human genetics.

I finished my 12th this year and I secured 58% of marks I am aware of the eligibility criteria for B.arch / B.planning through AIEEE just let me know the eligibility criteria for the same through TNPCEE.and also let me know the AIEEE question paper pattern and model test papers for B.arch/B.planning.

Dear Shilpa,

For admission to school of architecture-Chennai you should appear for Architecture entrance examination conducted separately by Anna University after TNPCEE. For admission to B.Arch in various self financing colleges you should appear for National Aptitude test for Architecture (NATA) conducted by Architecture council New Delhi. The pattern for any architect examination is as follows-They will test the following skills like

  • Creative ability
  • Your drawing ability
  • Non verbal & reasoning ability
  • History of architecture
  • 3 Dimensional drawing
  • General ability

There are many Architecture books available in the market and you can self learn and improve the above skills and it also has model question papers for you to work.

For further details exams conducted by Anna university you can visit

I would like to know the difference between the B.E. ( Biomedical Engineering ) & B.E. (Medical Electronics). My question is, Do both kind of the engineers are practically doing the same work or do they be identified the same by the companies?

Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles and techniques to the medical field. It combines the design and problem solving expertise of engineering with the medical expertise of physicians to help improve patient health care and the quality of life of healthy individuals. As a relatively new discipline, much of the work in biomedical engineering consists of research and development, covering an array of fields: bioinformatics, medical imaging, image processing, physiological signal processing, biomechanics, biomaterials and bioengineering, systems analysis, 3-D modeling, etc. Examples of concrete applications of biomedical engineering are the development and manufacture of biocompatible prostheses, medical devices, diagnostic devices and imaging equipment such as MRIs and EEGs, and pharmaceutical drugs.

Medical Electronics is an interdisciplinary field of study, which is based on skills and knowledge from various scientific, engineering and clinical disciplines for Healthcare applications. The Healthcare industry is a major and developing contributor to the world economy and there is a subsequent need for high quality engineering graduates. The aim of engineers specialising in medical electronics is to apply their knowledge and skills towards the development of medical diagnostic and monitoring systems that will help health-care professionals to deliver the best medical care to their patients.

The overall aim of the programme is to produce suitably qualified Medical Electronics Engineers with a solid understanding of bioelectronics (including instrumentation, biomaterials, medical device design). Such engineers will be well poised for careers across a wide sector of high tech industries in particular in the rapidly expanding medical electronics sector.

So in short Medical Electronics deals with the application of electronics in the field of medical science. The research and development work of medical electronics engineers lead to the manufacture of modern, sophisticated diagnostic medical equipment. Graduates in Medical Electronics could get jobs in companies manufacturing and marketing medical equipment.

So by going through above both has similar opportunities and many companies recruit both graduates.

I am a fresher from B.Tech IT graduate passed out in May 2010. Now am in search of a job in IT career... Can I do some courses before pursuing a job...if it is so what course can I do for getting a job quickly... My friends gave me suggestion to do some network certification courses...Can I choose such a course by which can I get a job...

Being a fresh graduate my first advice would be to try for a job as IT industry is recruiting good number of students by off campus placements / In case you would like to do some certification courses you can opt for IBM mainframe courses or CISCO certification on net working or oracle certifications as per your interest. Main thing you should take care is the institute which you are going to do these courses. Before joining make complete study about the institute / you can also visit company websites and find out there official vendors and join those institutes to carry forward to learn extra skills.

I am doing B.Sc computer science. I am interested in editing. Can you please tell me what course can I do after B.Sc?

My first advice for you would be to Master of Computer Applications i.e MCA / start preparing for entrance exams like TANCET & NIMCET for admissions to various engineering and arts & sciences which offers MCA / Qualifying in NIMCET will give you opportunities to get admission for MCA in some of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY across the country.

You can also prefer to post graduate programmes like M.Sc in computer science. Some of the IT companies do recruit B.Sc computer science students in a big way so you try for jobs also.

I am studying class XII in Golden Gates, Salem. I am very much interested in pursuing a career in Aeronautical engineering. But I don't know the difference between the following Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Avionics engineering.

Aeronautical engineering course trains an engineer in designing, constructing, analyzing, testing, development and manufacturing of commercial and military aircrafts, missiles, and spacecrafts. Aeronautics focuses on systems that operate in the Earth's atmosphere and Astronautics on those operating in space. Within each division, your choice of a career path can take you on a journey through widely varying disciplines.

Aerospace engineering covers the study of aeronautic and spacecraft engineering. Aerospace engineering is a specialized field applying the knowledge gained from study of aeronautics and astronautics.

Aerospace engineers develop new technologies for use in aviation, defense systems, and space exploration, often specializing in areas such as structural design, guidance, navigation and control, instrumentation and communication, or production methods. They often use computer-aided design (CAD) software, robotics, and lasers and advanced electronic optics. They also may specialize in a particular type of aerospace product, such as commercial transports, military fighter jets, helicopters, spacecraft, or missiles and rockets. Aerospace engineers may be experts in aerodynamics, thermodynamics, celestial mechanics, propulsion, acoustics, or guidance and control systems.

So if you compare aeronautical and aerospace engineering there is not much of a difference.

Avionics refers to electronic systems on aircraft, artificial satellites, and spacecraft that provide communications, navigation and guidance, display systems, flight management systems, sensors and indicators, weather radars, electrical systems, and various computers onboard modern aircraft and spacecraft.

The word avionics is a combination of aviation and electronics. Mostly avionics is offered as course of study only in post graduation.

I have completed my 12th in chennai itself , in ebenezar marcus h.s.s. ambattur. In the acadamic 2004-05 with 68% in pure science . I tried for tnpcee too but Ii didnt got . then I went medical coaching for 1 year at thrissur, kerala and this year I wrote kerala entrance but Ii didnt got yet too. now Iam in great trouble my father is an strict man he allways feel for me its not my dream its my all families dream if I am getting in self financing with in our capacity I will try for it I had played in school national in cricket too. so please do the needful for me,sir. I am doing bsc at present at nagercoil . I am expecting every single chances for mbbs. so give me a brief detail about I really think u as a god's messenger who take me right way.

Dear Vinod,

For admission to MBBS you should you should not only have good academic results in 12th std, you should have top performance in respective medical examination.

You can appear for the following Entrance examinations -

  • All India pre medical & dental examination
  • Air force medical college entrance examination
  • JIMPER entrance examination

Besides you have many all India entrance examination which you can appear.

I am a B.C.A. final student. I want to do MCA after BCA. But I have heard that after BCA I can do good service in good companies. I want to ask you whether BCA is sufficient education in IT Field today or I should take more degree in this field.

Dear Neha,

With your BCA graduation you can definitely get a technical job in companies like Wipro, HCL, subject to if you have good communication skill in English and aptitude.

For an example Wipro offers WASE programme which gives excellent opportunities for students like you, who wants a job and also wants to pursue their higher studies. In the WASE programme it offers 8 semesters Ms in Software Engineering programme in collaboration with Bits Pilani. During their Ms programme with Bits Pilani, the WASE students are placed in the various Business Domains. Here they can participate in the live projects as the regular employees do. For further details visit

So in case, you don't get placed in top IT companies with your Under Graduation it's better to do MCA in top institutions.

I am doing my final year, bpharm. I would like to know about the important pharmacy colleges in our country which conducts MPHARM courses and also how to get admission to them.

Dear Mimoon,

For admission to M Pharm you should appear in Entrance examinations conducted by individual colleges or universities. Some of the leading colleges which offers M Pharm is as follows -

  • University college of pharmaceutical science warangal Andhra pradesh
  • College of pharmaceutical sciences Manipal Karnataka
  • Al amen college of pharmacy Bangalore - Karnataka
  • H.K.E. Society's college of pharmacy Gulbarga - Karnataka
  • C.L. Baid Mehta college of pharmacy Chennai
  • J.S.S. college of pharmacy Ooty
  • Vels college of pharmacy Chennai
  • Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Para Medical Sciences Coimbatore
  • Goa college of Pharmacy - Panji

I am currently studying Hardware and Networking, I would like to know the next step for hardware (that is after B.E, M.E like that, after hardware what step) and want to know the job opportunities for web designing.

Networking involves the practice of linking a group of two or more computer systems for sharing data and information. The professionals related to discipline of computer hardware research and computer network developments are called as hardware and networking engineers. They also design and supervise manufacturing and installation of hardware. Career in hardware and networking is mainly for the people in Information Technology sector. Proper management and implementation of hardware and networking is one of the premiere needs for success in Information Technology.

The next step would for you would be to do Cisco certifications like CCNA , CCNP etc

There are ample job opportunities in hardware and networking sector for hardware professionals all over India. Good jobs in hardware and networking are offered by the hardware manufacturing companies, system design companies, software companies, call centers, telecom companies, BPO companies and hardware repair shops. Hardware jobs are available according to skill and qualification of the candidate. The candidates holding the degree in hardware engineering are in high demand in several companies. Hardware diploma engineers and technicians get employed according to their skill and qualification. Career in hardware and networking offers excellent wages, good progress and job security.

I have done my engg in IT and am keen to join defense services (especially Air Force) therefore I am planning to appear for EKT Jan'07.However, do not have much idea about it .I am currently working as a software engineer so cannot enroll in a regular course of yours .It will be really helpful if you could provide me some more knowledge about the test and also if u have any correspondence course on tips to clear the written test.

Hoping for a positive response from ur side.

Step 1 - Scanning of Application
Step 2 - Testing Officer like Qualities
Step 3 - Conducting Medical Examinations
Step 4 - Preparing All India Merit List

Step 1 -Scanning of Application

The selection procedure begins immediately after you send your application forms to us. All application forms are first checked for eligibility after which you will receive a call letter with further instructions. If you have applied to the Flying Branch through the NDA or CDSE, your applications will be sent for processing to UPSC. If you are a woman applying for the Short Service Commission or as an NCC Senior Division 'C' Certificate Holder, you move to the next step after your application has been processed.

If you have applied to the Ground Duty Branch, your application will be sent to the Air Headquarters for short listing. If you have applied to the Technical Branch you will be required to take the Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT). If you pass the EKT, you move to the next step.

Step 2 - Testing Officer like Qualities

If you have successfully cleared Step 1, you will receive a call letter to report to any one of the Air Force Selection Boards located at Dehradun, Varanasi and Mysore. At the Air Force Selection Boards, you undergo a number of psychological tests, an interview and group activities, which are collectively called the Officer Like Qualities (OLQ) Tests. These tests are designed to gauge your potential and suitability as an officer in the Armed Forces.

  • The Psychological Tests are written tests that are conducted by a Psychologist.
  • The Group Tests are interactive indoor and outdoor tests. We expect active physical participation from you.
  • The Interview involves a personal conversation with our Interviewing Officer.

These tests will be explained to you in detail before they are conducted.

The following is the schedule for OLQ Tests:

ScheduleFlying BranchTechnical BranchGround Duty Branch
Day 1 INS-B/PABT* Psychological tests OIR Test* / Psychological tests
Day 2 Psychological tests Group tests Group tests
Day 3 Group tests Group tests Group tests
Day 4 Group tests Interview Interview
Day 5 Interview Conference Conference
Day 6 Conference

*INS-B: Instrument Comprehension - B Tests
PABT: Pilot Aptitude Battery Tests
OIR: Officer Intelligence Rating Tests
All of the above are screening tests. If you do not make the passing grades, you are routed back home the same day. If you have applied through NDA/CDSE (for Flying Branch) there is no screening; you are tested for your second/third choice of Army and Navy.
At the conference held on the last day, all the assessors, i.e. the Psychologist, Ground Testing Officer and the Interviewing Officer, discuss your performance. Based on your performance, you will be selected for the next step.

Step 3 - Conducting Medical Examinations

If you have applied for the Flying branch and are found suitable by the Selection Board, you would be sent to the Air Force Central Medical Establishment, New Delhi or the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Bangalore for a thorough medical examination.

If you have applied for the Technical or Ground Duty Branches and are found suitable , you would be asked to return home and await a call for a medical examination depending upon your position in the merit list.

Step 4 -Preparing All India Merit List

An All India merit list is compiled on the basis of your performance at the group tests as well as the medical examination. If you qualify the merit list, depending upon vacancies, you are instructed to go to the training academy.

I am a uparrow two science group student, I want to pursue higher studies in marine engineering. I would like to know the colleges offering the course and career prospects.

Marine engineering

The next step would for you would be to do Cisco certifications like CCNA , CCNP etc

Design, develop, and take responsibility for the installation of ship machinery and related equipment, including propulsion machines and power-supply systems.

Marine engineers design, operate, maintain, and repair the mechanical systems of ships.

Marine engineers primarily work in the Indian Merchant navy, which comprises of passenger vessels, cargo liners, tankers, ore carriers and other types of specialized ships. These ships are operated by public and private sector shipping companies. The highest post on a ship is that of the Chief Engineering Officer. Several Junior Engineering Officers work under the Chief Engineering Officer.

Marine engineers are also employed in the following areas:

  • Design
  • Research
  • Education and training
  • Consultancy

Job profile

Marine engineers are responsible for the efficient running of the ship's engine room. Operating all engines, boilers, refrigerating and sanitary equipment, deck machinery and steam connections of marine ships is the responsibility of the marine engineer. Maintenance, repair and construction of all marine machinery also fall under the purview of the marine engineer.

This work demands tremendous physical energy. However, it must be noted that automation has considerably eased the marine engineer's job.

Openings are in Indian and global shipping firms. Marine Engineers are specifically qualified to join the Merchant Navy, or public and private shipping companies. Marine engineers are also employed by Engine production firms ,Ship building firms.

Research bodies, Ship design firms & Indian Navy.

Marine engineering is available in colleges like

  • Venkateshwara engineering college, Sri Perumpudur
  • Vel srinivasa engineering college, Chennai
  • R.L. institute of maritime studies, Madurai
  • Academy of maritime institute and training - Chennai etc.

I have done my BSc in Maths with 76.75% in 2005. After that I joined for MSc in Maths but left it midway since I was just not interested in the course. I am presently doing Gniit course from NIIT to polish my computer skills. I am really inclined towards doing a master's but cant make up my mind as to what should i do? Please suggest some courses besides MBA & MCA. Also specialization in cast I opt for MBA .

Dear Maliha,

With the good maths background there are courses like post graduate programme in computational science, operation research etc.

If you prefer to do MBA my advice would be to take finance as your specialization. Simultaneously I would advice you to take computer course in oracle finance.

There are many specialized courses in Management courses on capital market, insurance, business economics, event management, information technology management, supply chain & logistic management etc.

I'm Shruthy studying in 12th STD .having Physics, Chem, and Bio, with computer science. Kindly let me know the possible educational field, related entrance examination &Job possibilities.

Dear Shruthy,

Being a pure science student, there are many options available in medical related field. You can opt to choose in any one of the following course, depending on your interest.

  • MBBS
  • BDS ( Dental)
  • B.Pharm ( pharmacy)
  • B.SC Nursing
  • BPT ( Physiotheraphy)
  • BOT ( occupational theraphy)
  • BHMS (Homeopathy medicine)
  • BAMS ( Ayurvedha)
  • Yoga Naturopathy
  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry
  • Veterinary Science
  • Fishery Science

You can also opt to do some of the Under Graduate Science Courses like Botany, Zoology, Human Biology, Medical Micro Biology, Audio logy and Speech therapy, Medical lab technology, Nuclear medicine, and Allied health services. For admission to professional courses related to Medical field, you should appear for the respective entrance examination conducted by State Govt., Self Financing Association, and Deemed Universities etc.

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